Thank you for visiting store. Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Victor Bright, owner-operator of  Bright Jewelers has been operating since 1992.  You will find in my store many fine pre-owned vintage and antique watches, modern watches and many kinds of fine jewelry and diamond pieces.

My mentor and adviser also my father, Mark Bright is a self-taught master jeweler and a watchmaker, he has been practicing and perfecting this art for 50 years.


I have worked with Mark for 20 years and 13 years ago I branched out into my own store. I list items from both of our stores.   Most of the items I list come directly from our two stores, things we buy new or have taken on trade. Our inventory consists of thousands of different timepieces and jewelry items.

The internet has made the jewelry business much more accessible to people who are looking for what we have in our inventory.   Having experienced internet sales for over 15 years now I can truly say that I have been blessed and pleased with all of my transactions. I have met many fine people from all over the world, both sellers and buyers, some have become regular customers, some I have met in person and some have become good friends.

If you have dealt with me before you will know that no matter what kind of business we transact, I try my very best to make you happy. I absolutely value each customer, whether they spend a penny or tens of thousands of dollars.

For the past 25 years, the Bright family has been servicing and selling jewelry and watches to thousands of happy clients in Boca Raton, Florida. With a combined 65 years experience we are professional jewelers, diamond setters, model makers, and master watch repairmen.


Bright Jewelers Inc. is an independent watch dealer.  Bright Jewelers Inc. is not a factory authorized dealer and is not affiliated with, sponsored by, and/or associated with Rolex Watch Company USA, Rolex S.A., Cartier, or any other watch or jewelry Company that is sold by Bright Jewelers Inc. All trademarks and brand names are used for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners. All goods are sold as previously purchased or owned and are in either unused or used condition. Bright Jewelers Inc, takes all reasonable precautions to be certain the items it sells are factory original. However, in certain rare circumstances, an item may contain replacement parts provided by the manufacturers or third party providers and such replacement parts may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Item in the picture is the actual item for sale. We sell fine jewelry and high-quality Rolex and other fine watches, and only in excellent working condition. We do not EVER sell anything with aftermarket parts unless otherwise stated in the posting, ie a diamond bezel or dial.  Please understand this when comparing prices, we do not sell any broken or aftermarket products, we have a reputation to uphold, our watches far surpass the quality of other cheaply priced watches on the internet, and some of those watches out there are priced cheap for a reason because they are cheap. We posses each item in our inventory.