The watches we sell come with a written warranty beginning from the date of sale. Although The warranty period is 12 months.   Every timepiece we sell has  been serviced, this includes taking the movement  apart, each part individually cleaned by hand, or by ultrasonic cleaning machine or both, any missing, damaged or worn parts have been replaced, the timepiece is oiled, timed (depending on the timepiece it is timed on the timing machine or manually) and adjusted to keep the best time accuracy possible. The dial and hands were lightly cleaned, if we see fit we refinished the hands with new luminous, if completely necessary we refinished the dial to be like new again (we make notations in the listing to show this.) The case, band (if metal) and crystal (if plastic) were lightly polished and cleaned. Some customers have asked me in the past at the auction end to refinish a dial which I would be more than happy to do at your cost ($60-$100 average).   If you have any special request such as replacing a certain band to a different color or size or anything else which I can accommodate I will be more than happy to accommodate.